BVIC/IVIC - Business/Industrial Visual Integrated Control Platform can proportional modeling warehouse, bridge, tower, channel, mine and so on. When we modeling a warehouse, item properties (size, shape, name, risk level etc.) can real-time viewing, and pinpoints where the goods are placed. Lunax system BVIC/IVIC Platform can accurately monitoring the positioning point, and give back fastest response to every potential threat, which can greatly improve the safety of monitored place.


Now, there are mainly two kinds of the target monitoring system based on infrared technology: one is the active infrared which can tracking and positioning system; the other is the passive infrared which alarm based on pyroelectric infrared sensor. Lunax system combined with two technical characteristics – active infrared tracking and passive infrared alarm in our intelligent infrared image acquisition system.



Adoption of Lunax System’s new starlight night vision technology, Full-HDcolor images could take, which resolution reached 1920x1080, 30fps. Starlight technology is a new family of all our night vision technologies.